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Process to installation of zagg invisibleSHIELD is printed inside of the box and you can see advantage of invisibleSHIELD from user.

After reading the instructions until you understood before you begin for thebest possible results, you must wash your hands to remove all dust that can damage invisibleSHIELD.

Here is the process

1. Wash your hand, Turn off your device and remove battery.

2. Using the lint free cloth from the box to wipe off your device.

3. To avoid putting finger prints on invisibleSHIELD by sponge your finger tips with application solution.

4. Peel the invisibleSHIELD off from paper backing.

5. Hold the invisibleSHIELD in your hand, adhesive side up and wet your invisibleSHIELD. (NOT YOUR DEVICE!)

6. Put invisibleSHIELD to your device, adhesive side down, and slide into place.

7. Using sponge to wet the front on the invisibleSHIELD.

8. Using the included squeegee (or any stiff PLASTIC card), push the excess moisture and any bubbles away from the center towards the edges.

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