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Your fake tan plan

Pros and Cons of Fake Bake Products

Fake tanning is a dangerous business. It’s easy to end up as streaky as a rasher of bacon as orange as a carrot or with palms the color your legs were meant to be. Organic spray tans and has fail safe tips to make your home tanning job look professional. Never shave or was in the 24 hours ahead of applying faux glow. That open the follicles and the fake and the fake tan will get into them and make your look dotty. Avoid wearing perfume, moisturiser or deodorant as they can react with the fake tan. Most and importantly make sure you exfoliate. Use a dry body brush but you can also use an exfoliating mitt. The issue of what might be lurking in your fake tan. The ingredient that create color is dihydroxyacetone. It can be made from sugar cane or beet sugar or by fermenting. Though some question whether it’s safe ti inhale or absorb through mucous membranes. Think about the fine mist that fills the air at a spray tanning salon. Experts can not reach a consensus on whether that’s a safe or sensible way to apply fake tan.

It’s probably safe but if you want to veer toward the side of caution use a cream, lotion gel or mousse tanning prodcuts or if you want to keep going to your favourite salon, take the precautions recommended by the FDA. Note that you have to wear eye protection, nose filters and underwear and create a barrier for your lips by applying balm or Vaseline. Don’t forget to check your fake tan’s other ingredients before your use it. Many include unnecessary synthetic fragrances, preservatives and skin conditioning agents. There are however, plenty of gentler, environmentally friendly products out there and even a few organic ones to boot.

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