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You are what you drink

You are what you drink

Drinking Water

You may know the word you are what you eat but the majority of human body is water so deciding what you dream actually figure out whether you’re drinking refreshing water that can build for a strong bones. Many commercial who advertising for refreshing water says with a little word for relax liberty when you do a fitness. The benefits of water is very important for human body in your daily life. People know but there’s also sitting with it and it just a funny things that sitting with extra expense have provided spices it up but there don’t have only negative things for refreshing water because refreshing water also help stabilize your blood sugar which allows yourselves receipt received insulin better. For women who have lowers blood sugar you can burn fat a lot but it limited one quarter and decrease the taste. Nowadays, many top brand name of water also add a flavors so it a value to their products and many people interesting. Water is important because during a day you have to drink water.

What’s about drinking Green Tea, Tea, Black Tea, Peppermint Tea, Ginger, Coffee and many more?

All beverage that mention above also have benefit for example digestion and it can also help reduce inflammation that really helps relax your stomach because it help digestion for the thing that you eat during the day. People start the day with a couple coffee and some people may think that coffee is not good, in fact coffee is very good for your health for you drink coffee with low calories and it also stimulant for you but improves digestion little bit. Low calorie coffee drinks in moderate can hurt some people because of it taste.

What’s about wine?

Wine is good which you can drink it 2 or 3 glass per week would be fantastic but before you drink wine do some protein before or have examined veggies with the one of slow down the rate of one. Wine help stabilize your blood sugar better and optimize.

The biggest thing that we always eat is what we drink is set so important so you have to enjoy your water before your day gone.

For the last question is how much do we have to drink water?
We need 8 glasses of water per day because our human body is 67% water so for women you need water around 8 to 12 glasses and for men you need water around 12 to 16 glasses.

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