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Wrapsol Installation Tips

Wrapsol General Application for install

Step1: Wash your hand (Remove oil that excess on your hand)

Step2: Clean your device (By using microfiber towelette)

Step3: Protect your device from moisture (Turn off your device and remove battery) Note: Do not spraying directly into any openings during install.

Step4: Moisten your hands with mister (Mist your hands before touching adhesive side of film)

Step5: Prepare Wrapsol film (Mist the adhesive side of the film. 8-10 pumps from the mister held about 8 inches away should suffice)

Step6: Align Wrapsol film (Place film adhesive side down) Note: Avoid getting fingerprints on the adhesive side of the film or the device.

Step7: Push water and bubbles (Use squeegee on flat surfaces. Always push
moisture from center to outside. If bubbles can’t be squeegeed out, remove film, and start over from step)

Tip: moisten squeegee prior to this step

Step8: Apply other film with these techniques

Cornering, stretch & tack

Hold film down as you go around corners

Alignment over holes

Carefully align pre-cut holes in film over the holes on your device (do not overstretch film or misalignment may occur)

Prepare narrow strips
First wet thumb and index your fingers with mister.

Slide film between wet fingers to moisten both sides.

Applying narrow strips

Once wider film is secure, apply no pressure to narrow film.

Lifting edges

Use a hair dryer, on “high heat”, and hold ½” from device. Run heat over lifting areas for 10-20 seconds and use microfiber towelette to push and
hold edges in place until they bond. Repeat process if necessary

Step9: Use your hands to finish

Step10: Leave your device powered off for 1 hour, allowing any moisture to evaporate. Remove protective strips/dots, where included, and re-install
battery to power up. Minor bubbles andhaziness will be visible on the device for 24 hours before evaporating completely.

Your films may come with specific point-bypoint application tips matched to your device. Use these instructions for more details on applying film to your device.

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Applying narrow strips
Once wider film is secure, apply no
pressure to narrow film.

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