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Wonder Wall Design Ideas

Below you will see a great idea for contemporary look by using architectural rock

Gabion Wall

Contemporary look by select architectural rock that have feature and retaining walls. The design is base on Japanese standards for welded mesh. The product which is manufactured that made from steel with 10% aluminium and 90% from zinc coating of 280g per square metre.

The coating offer estimated lifespan twice. In the medium density urban environment that expected life of the new material is more than 90 years. The spiral which is the strongest connection and also gives protection against the sharp edges of the welded panel. Used by the most landscapers as a quick economical and tidy way to build stone wall which a new method call the U clip. This is a neat way to join the panels together because the clip is hardly noticeable and connects the panels together tightly without any gaps. While many people prefer the look of the spiral. Other like the clean look of the C ring and U clip. Spirals are quick and fastened using either special hand tool.

One of the best things from using gabions is you do not need to use any expensive rock and especially in the middle of the cages which you can use recycled brick, concrete and other materials to save money with only the facing rocks being hand placed for maximum visual effect. Try to prevent any voids by placing the rock like a jigsaw puzzle which is a big of work but well worth the effort. Look best when the rocks are flat against the panels without protruding through the aperture.

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