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Why you have to build Discipline for your kids

Many parent know that discipline is important and necessary for their children for both childhood and teenage although they know that Discipline is important and necessary but most of parent and babysitter do not know the way to build Discipline to your kids except punishment and if your children is do not know what discipline is which it will make a bid trouble not only for family itself but it will effect to your kids directly which your kids will not know that how to become a good person without a person that point the way for them. To become father and mother is not easy like you thing which parent have to learn many thing that you never know before in their life so many parent have face these problem about how to teach and take care your children.

What is the thing that Parent and Babysitter should learn and understand to teach and take care your children?

If we talk about basic things that all parent and babysitter should teach their children such as understand society rule and law, responsibility for both children itself and other people, control mind and many more. Moreover parent and babysitter should teach their children to understand Moral and Tradition which these is a hard work for all parent and babysitter. The thing that mention above which parent and babysitter must teach to their children which it come from effort to build discipline from parent and babysitter but effort from parent and babysitter will not occur if your children won’t give any participation but normally all children will listen and obey the thing that parent and babysitter teach or assign to do because the nature of all children will do everything to parent because they need love.

The thing that mention above is just a theory but in the real world we know that kids not always listen to their parent or even babysitter and some children may resistant to your order and will not listen to you if they will not get the thing that they want.

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