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Why Do We Use Flag?

Why Do We Use Flag?

Everyday walking pass by the government building, schools, hospitals, and even military places, we usually see flags waving along with the wind blow. Almost every places has the flag installed in up on their building and some has the flags for decoration in the room. Flag is not just only being used by the patriot that we see in the movies, but flag has something more useful than just to be featured in the movies and people watch if for fun. Of course, the main purpose of the flag has to be there otherwise we won’t see flag no more. Today, we would like to talk a bit about flags and its advantages.

Reminder – Flag is the sign to help a person reminds something about the past and what’s going on at the present. Flag for the nation will give the feeling of proud and pride at the same time that the nation has always been here because of the brave patriot in the past. Flag is the reminder for united as people living under the same flag share the same nation and so create more united feeling among each other

Signage – We’re not only talking about country flag, but flag was being used in the past until the present to mark the place, the spot, the location, and to point out the right point of land or space for further activities. It has become a type of sign for people to take advantage of. Many flags have their different history and usage. The medical flag is hung at the top of the building to let people know that there is a medical facilities sitting right there. On the other hand, the sales flag for commercial used is also being hung to tell the customers that there are sales event going on.

Decorations – If you have had your chances to visit the house owned by the soldier or the general commander and anyone related to the military. You can also see that there are country flags, ranking flags, honor flags, and so on hanging on the wall as the decorative item and to also remind the person about the history that have already happened.

Celebration – Flag is also being used in the celebration, in the Olympic games, the sports game where there are competition among more than 2 countries. Flags will be used to tell the position and ranking of the country and to show how great the athletes from that country is doing. Flags are also being used in celebration when the competition event is finished and so this is just another use of flag today.

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