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What’s types of Yoga that suit you?

Below you will see a few different types of Yoga


For the ultimately though all style of yoga stem from the same tree. The philosophy of yoga is that the air we breathe contains prana with call life force and prana is the energy that links our body with the soul. According to eastern medicine. Prana gives us vitality to live a healthy and energy filled life.

Ashtanga is not for the faint hearted: It required a high level of physical strength. This is a great if you love gymnastics and challenging yourself. It is know as eight limbed yoga as it combines eight level of yoga. You will difinitely work up a sweat.

Bikram (Call Hot Yoga): Doing Bikram will take time aroun 90 minute class with a sequence of 26 poses and two breathing exercises all performed in a heated room of 35 up to 45 degree celsius. If you love dripping in sweat and really challenging the body and mind. This one is for you. Bikram is great for strengthening the back, ridding the body of toxins, improving posture as well as circulation and blood flow.

Hatha: this types of yoga is for beginner and if you want to stretch the body while soothing the busy mind. Fabulous for bringing inner peace to the body and mind.

Vinyasa (Also call Flow Yoga): These type of yoga is focuses on the breath while moving though the sequence of poses. This types of Yoga is great for people who like to keep moving while calming the mind.

Iyengar Methodical Yoga: These types of Yoga will make you find and work with belts, strap, blocks and other props to help you stretch even further into your practice. If you have a lot of injuries which you should try these types of Yoga first. The foocus in on correct alignment.

Kundalini: These types of Yoga is more intense. If focusing on spiritual philosophy and it can helps to cleanse and align your chakras which is 7 major energy centres and usually involve chanting so it can be very confornting for some. Kundalini can raise a lot of different emotions and feelings so be ready to deal with stuff that needs to be brought up.

What you will need for Yoga?

  • Comfortable gym or Yoga Clothes
  • Water and Towel
  • Open Mind
  • A Yoga mat

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