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What Kind of Vapes are there?

Let’s see how many types of Vapes in the market?

Vapes come in many different shapes, style and shapes. Some are small and lightweight, designed and have design and make you feel like traditional cigarette. Some have much bigger and bulkier and are designed to look as different as possible from a regular tobacco cigarette.


First we will start with Cig a like which these types of electronic cigarette design like a real cigarette tit closely resembles a traditional cigarette. Cig-A-Like is much more long and slender and it does not need to be refilled with e-liquid. Cig-a-like devices are preferred.

Cig-A-Like have 2 parts first is A Tank and second is Battery. Tank is sealed and contain e-liquid. The second part is batter and the atomizer which you can screw the tank into the atomizer and when activated. The battery powers the atomizer which heats and e-liquid and release the vapor.

Vape Pen

Another types of electronic cigarette device is vape pen which design for your convenience a vape pen is bigger and bulkier than cig-a-like and it’s not disposable so you can use it many time. There are 3 parts from Pen Vape. First part is An atomizer, battery. Second is a clearomizer and Third is mouthpiece. Some vape pens can take the clearomizer apart and unpick the different element within it. Vape pen able to involve more work and maintenance than cig-a-like but for vaper who like to try a variety of flavors. Vape Pen are refillable, vapers can try out different e-liquid that may not be available with cig-a-like. If you are the one that looking for vaporizer which able to deliver great performance, style, taste then Vape Pen is the best solution for you.

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