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What is your digestive system say about your health

Toilet Talk

While talk of bowel movements and the going of your digestive system are taboo in just about every social setting with the odd tart joke the only possible exception it is a topic worth discussing in the context of your health. The primary role of our digestive system is to extract vital nutrients from the food that we eat and then excrete the waste by products. However, your digestive system is intricately linked with immunity vitality and general well being. Accordingly there is a great deal of insight that you can glean from visits to the bathroom.
Factor such as regularity or frequency, composition colour and consistency all hold morsel of information. Both literally and figuratively and that are indicative of your current health and may serve as early warning signs of other often serious conditions.
While the though of sneaking a peak at what lett of your dinner before you lush it away may seem repulsive there are a few tell tale foactors to consider before a closer examination is required in the terms of frequenc. Most experts that including gastroenterologists seem to agree that there is not a magin number that indicates a health disgestive system when it comes to bowel movements. The general consensus is that everyone is different rates according to number of different factors. Meal composition, hydration the amount of fibre in your diet how much you exercise and the status of your gut. How much healthy bacteria and digestive enzymes are available to assist in the process all affect transit time and frequency.

Ingeneral health transit time is anywhere from 12 up to 24 hours which mean that one to two bowel movements a day is often considered healthy however everyone regularity is highly individual which could mean one bowel movement every two or three day could also be considered normal in context.

When the bowel transit time increase fecal matter becomes harder and is therefore more difficult to pass which is when constipation occurs. In additional intestinal flora will continue to feed on it which can cause gas bloating and ultimately damage to the intestinal lining. Toxins may also start to seep into the bloodstream througth the permeable bowel lining commonly referred to a leaky gut syndrome. This has been linked to a number of lifestyle related ailments including diabetes and MS.
When transit time is too quick there is a risk of malabsorption as the digestive system doen not have sufficient time to perform its function. This is when we experience diarrhoea.

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