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What is private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance

What is private medical insurance

If you think you would be better off with private medical insurance below you will see pros and cons of paying out


Before you think about going private, take time to consider whether it’s really worth it. Health insurance can be costly so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before you sign up.

Private medical or health insurance covers the cost of private treatment for acute medical conditions, illnesses or injuries

  • Main benefit that you will get is to avoid waiting lists.
  • Reason to have privatemedical insurance is a quick treated and having more choice in terms of treatment and where to have it plus quality of facilities on offer.
  • You will receive everything from private day patient surgery for treatments, to tests and hospital accommodation.
  • You can sign up and pay the premiums yourself or your employer may offer it as a benefit


How much for private medical insurance cost?

  • For all insurance policies which the most that you are covered for and the more it will cost
  • If you do not claim you will keep costs down and save it for when you really need it
  • You can also reduce payment if you agree to have a more limited choice of hospitals
  • You can lower monthly premiums by agreeing to pay an excess and it just like you have with car insurance

Reason not to have private medical insurance

  • Some private healthcare plans have other policy which it is restriction such as covering pre existing conditions and cosmetic surgery and standard pregnancy.
  • For the provider company that you select your premiums will increase year on year

What if you want to go for private medical?

  • If you want to go for private medical you must make sure that you get the right cover at the right price!!
  • Visit comparison website in order to compare the best deals
  • If there is no pre existing condition for insurer will ask you to fill out a detailed medical questionnaire so they can assess your risk
  • If you do to have existing condition then you can bet the best is to go for auto exclusion where the insurer will exclude for any conditions that you have advice or treatment for over the past five or more year

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