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Week 2 Bargain Bin from FanDuel NFL 2014

Week 2 Bargain Bin from FanDuel NFL 2014

Week 2 of year 2014 for NFL in these season is very fast and it’s time to freeze ourselves to the a list of big scores from the best players in the game that have low priced player at FanDuel Fantasy Football Game. If you are the one that looking a player that is a good player at affordable price is no a easy task, furthermore it’s in the early season so it hard to predict. We have at least one week of the most fresh data to provide you a great analysis that can help you save more money at least a couple of player position. If you want a high priced players you have to keep in your mind that you have to bargain because high priced player mead a better chance to add a great result in the season of the second week.

These useful article will help you find the best undervalued players with a cheap prices for your consideration in the second week of the season. Below you will see a list of player that have fall below their salary levels.

D1 Player with under $5,0001 Player with under $5,000
K1 Player with salary under $5,000
QB2 Players with salary under $7,000 and 1 Freebie salary under $6,000
WR2 Players with salary under $6,500 and 1 Freebie salary under $5,500
RB2 Players salary under $6,500 and 1 Freebie salary under $5,500
TE2 Player salary under $6,000 and 1 Freebie salary under $5,000

Quarterback Bargain Detail
Carson Palmer

1. Carson Palmer
Carson Palmer got salary around $6,900 which his strength point is a top quarterback that have priced below $7,000 for a second week of the season. For the first week that Arizona team which caller threw for over 300 yards and able to make touchdowns without charger. For the recommended is do not hesitate on buying these player if you believe in his statistic.
2. Geno Smith
Geno Smith got $6,900 and if you are not select Palmer, Geno may be a second option for you because he look very effective in Week 1 by tallying 221 passing yards plus one touchdown and one interception. For his ability able to cover some mistake of other player in his team. FanDuel may be stake in the game.

3. Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer is a Freebie which have salary $5,800. For FanDuel user may be pick a freebie sometime because some list are dearth of the options so you have too pick a new freebie. In second week for Quarterback freebie will bee Brian Hoyer because he can give a hope when Cleveland team have lacked of prominent of offensive leader. Hoyer not great in striking distance but he can make 230 passing yards with one touchdown and no interceptions.

Running Back Bargain Detail
Toby Gerhart

1. Toby Gerhart
Toby Gerhart with $5,800 salary with the great performance that can meager 2.3 yards per carry for 18 rushing. For Running Back position is also all a Jaguars position because it’s effective to gain a score in the league. If Toby got some opportunity, and he will do some damage for you. If you are the one that looking to same some salary for other positions, Toby Gerhart may be great choice for you.

2. Darren Sproles

Darren Sproles with $6,000 salary is look so good in the opening of eagles debut running with 11 time with 6.5 yards per carry. On Monday night is nothing to be worry if you select Sproles because he is the one in the group that can push your final score.

Wide Receiver Bargain Detail

1. Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman got salary $6,400 which is the best option of wide receiver position when compare with his ability. They did not show the report of dominant win over Rams in Week 1. Edelman is the best weapons at Brady’s disposal although he may lack of prolific but he can target and drawing double digit number in his final game in 2014.

2. Jeremy Maclin

Jeremy Maclin with $6,300 salary is a second option of Wide Receiver because it’s in a bargain period and his performance in week 1 is great. He is a quite person in a early game which he can do 68 yard touchdown. FanDuel forecast that his salary will jump up to $7,000 if he can keep his performance like these.

Tight End Bargain Detail

1. Zach Ertz
Zach Ertz with salary $5,600 got promote from Freebie position by negotiate for tight end list to the top slot of Eagles in Week 2 against Colts. Good game will always come with a cheap tight end.

Kyle Rudolph
2. Kyle Rudolph with salary $5,500 with a lot of hope that Rudolph will have a big action in Offense position in these year. All the best things that Rodolph can do the best is touchdown and he try to do his best in the last zone of his job. It’s not guarantee from FanDuel users to give a confident to select.

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