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Ways To Teach Your Children Discipline

To build Discipline to your children for parent which first of all parent and babysitter must understand that when you should strict and when you should indulgent especially when your children in teenage range which it is very sensitive for parent to condescending yourself. Many parent may think that to teach discipline to their children is very hard but in fact it is not hard than you think and the important point is to care your children as much as you can. Many parent may worry about their children in teenage range because many parent may think that in these age range is a trouble age but it fact teenage is one of age range that your children will develop children it’s self for both mental and physical like in other age range. From the Psychology Research  found that Teenage that do not have problem are come from family that do not have pressure from their parent when children were young and your children personality are come from that way that parent treat when children were young.

Some family may think that to punish their children will make their children become a good person but it can not use in these age range because everything is change and it is not like in the past which parent and babysitter should understand that to teach your children discipline in the present you do not have to punish.

The ways to build Discipline to your children

First of all parent and babysitter must ask yourself first that ” Do you think that Discipline is important and necessary for your children?” and “Children must always listen to parent?”.

Discipline will separate into two way. First is Positive Discipline and Second is Negative Discipline.

For Positive Discipline which is the way to inspire your children to listen to you in the right way and when you use it in the right way it will reduce problem behavior from your children because your children will see that the thing that they do is wrong and it’s not good.

For Negative Discipline which it mean that control, punishment and manage your children to strict in the way that parent order to do which are parent, teacher and babysitter. Negative Discipline will make your children feel afraid, doubtfully, distrust and many more which you children will not against anything outside but inside they will against everything but you do not know.

In the past if we ask Psychiatrist about Chorea people and we have found that most of Chorea people are come from people that dissimulate and repress their feeling inside but in the present the problem that Psychiatrist found is different from the past which are come from Lack of inhibition and can not control their self.

In conclusion for parent and babysitter you must understand that children in our age rang and children in the past is different because everything around you is change so the way that you must teach your children are also change which you can not use the old way to teach Discipline to your children like Allen Fromme which say that ” To build a good Discipline to your children, we must understand the nature and emotion of your children first (kids always be kids) which kids emotion and adult emotion is different and kids will have emotion like adult when they grow up so parent must not expect their children to behave like in the standard that you set. On the other hand parent must not let their children learn by themselves.

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