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Warm up with Dynamic Stretches

Below you will see a few tips for tired of the same old stretch routine

Dynamic Stretches which is the best active warm up alternative with condition your muscles for increased power and athleticism. Cardio Stretches are a great way to warm up your body while relaxing your muscles and great for avoiding injury before exercise. If you have been doing the same old foot to glute 30 second hold for the past 10 years and are looking to try something new. This dynamic stretch warm up is just for you. Dynamic warm ups are great for increasing circulation and able to ensuring there is adequate blood filling your muscles before you start pushing them hard. Your connective tissue need to be warm to help complete the movement without causing injury and inadequate stretching is one of the main reason that you hury ourselves during physical activity.

By beginning with this dynamic stretch, the light cardio will also increase your fitness level and reduce fat cells as it requires movement your body may not be familiar with. You just need to reach a point of tension in your muscle and then hold the stretch for a bit longer. You are activating and contracting, slowly turning on large, small and core muscles. If you stretch cold muscles it is more likely you will injure yourself before making it to the workout stage but cardio stretching means muscles are stretched when already warm. Although it might feel awkward and unfamiliar at first this 10 minute dynamic stretching routine will leave you limber and ready to hit your workout at full intensity.

Gymless Dynamic Strength Warm-up

Activity and Duration

  • High Leg Lift 20 up to 30 Skips
  • Walking Knee Hug 20 up to 30 Steps
  • Butt Kicker 30 up to 60 Secs
  • Lunge with Elbow to Instep 20 up to 30 Steps
  • Arm Circle forward 25 reps
  • Arm Circle backward 25 reps
  • Inchworm 10 reps

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