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Vitalicious.com is a website that providing all types of Low Fat Muffins and Brownies which you will find information about Nutritional Benefits that Vitalicious offering to all customer such as walk in 13 minutes you will burn your Calories around 80 up to 100 Calorie and many more. When you visit Vitalicious website you will see many useful information such as Care Instructions, Way to Save, Nutritional Benefits and many more. At Vitalicious website you can shop their Diet gourmet cookie products which separate into many categories for example Vitatops, Vitamuffins, Vitacakes, Vitabrownies, Vitamixes, Vitapizza and many more.

Not only offering all types of Healthy Low Fat food for you but Vitalicious also giving away Vitalicious Coupon which you can use Vitalicious Coupon after you finish adding your items to your cart and then you will see a box for entering Vitalicious Coupon which can save your money up to 15% Off plus free shipping on all order. For current Vitalicious Coupon and clear step by step to enter Vitalicious Coupon  is mention below.

Compare Vitalicious with Other Online Diet Cookie Stores

Compare Diet Cookie StoresCoupon or PromotionFree Shipping Offer?Success StoriesPopularity
Vitalicious10% OffYesYesHigh
Smart For Life10% OffYesYesHigh
CookiedietInstant CouponNoNoModerate
HollywoodDietstore10% OffFree Shipping on order of $50NoModerate
  • Vitalicious.com – Vitalicious is direct competitor of Smart For Life store which Vitalicious provide the same diet cookie products like Smart For Life do. Vitalicious introduce the maximum nutrition and pleasure for minimum calories. For current Vitalicious Promotion that allow you to save your money up to 10% off by apply Vitalicious Coupon after you finish adding your select package or diet cookie into your cart and during your check out you will see a box to apply Vitalicious Coupon to save more money for you. At Vitalicious website they does not offer free shipping on any order.
  • SmartForLife.com – Smart For Life is a place that you can find the best solution of cookie diet products which Smart For Life offer safe and effective way for you to lose your weight within a week by eating appetite meal replacement food and natural ingredient that made without toxins. For current Smart For Life Promotion that Smart For Life offer for their customer that can beat all their competitor is 4 week cookie program with 1 week free and promotion for starter for 2 week cookie program packages for $99.99. At Smart For Life website you can enjoy saving your money by using Smart For Life Coupon with 10% Off offer. Another strength point that make Smart For Life become the leader in cookie diet food business is the success store from their customer that sharing their experience at Smart For Life website.
  • Cookiediet.com -Cookiediet is website that provide Cookie Diet Food Products which Cookiediet claim that the best way to lose weight is not starving but by eating. The plan that Cookiediet offer for you is very simple by eat nine specially cookies that have 60 calories each piece in the program that they set for you and they also claim that there are no failure and everyone can loses weight. For current Cookiediet Promotion that Cookiediet offer for you which can save your money up to 30% Off from current order price with free shipping on all order.
  • HollywoodDietstore.com – HollywoodDietstore is offering delicious meal replacement cookies to lose your weight which they claim that they can make your lose weight from 24 hour up to 48 hour with their Miracle Diet Package. For current HollywoodDietstore Promotion which offer Buy 5 Get 2 Free promotion on 24 hour miracle diet order. At HollywoodDietstore website you can enjoy receive free shipping on all order over $50 within the continental U.S.


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Types of Medical Food

Medical food is the term that the doctors and the health professions use to determine the type of food that they patient should be having or have had. Medical food is not necessary doctor’s designed food but it is more like the simple term being used in the medical context such as the food that can be easily digested by the human body, flavorless food, or food that being ordered by the doctor to help the patient to get recovered from the sickness as fast as possible and these are the types of food available in the medical center.

Normal food – such as ordinary food that people eat everyday such as bread, eggs, vegetable and so on. The normal food should be fulfilled the need of the human body

Soft food – such as the food that can be easily digested with lesser flavor such as clear soup, boiled rice, anything stewed.

Pap – the food that was being processed correctly and in the form of liquid. Pap food has nutritional quality lesser than the first 2 types but it is necessary for patient to take to avoid diarrhea, intestinal operation, chemotherapy period, or during the rehabilitation

Unwholesome food – these are the food in the riskier categories than any other types of food such as salty, spicy food, sour food, high fiber food, and milk

Diarrhea Prevention Food – the type of food that reduces the diarrhea condition

Constipation Food – food that help to accelerate the excretion such as fruits and vegetables

Easy to digest food – those are boil eggs, steamed eggs, except fried eggs

Hard to digest food – such as vegetable and fruits in raw condition, all types of meat including seafood except fishes

High Fiber Food – It is in the same category as the hard to digest food

Salty food – food that contains too much salt such as soy sauce, fries with salt, and snacks

Sweet food – food that contains too much sugar such as snacks, chocolates, and so on.

Tasteless food – food that has the least flavor for sweet, salty, sour, spicy,

High Protein Food – All types of meat including fish and other seafood. Eggs and liver also included. However, on the other hand, there are low protein food coming from some types of vegetable that gives protein in a lower level

High Carb Food – Food contains flour or sweeten food which is the opposite of low carb food

High fat food – such as food that focuses on fry, deep fried, and other means of cooking that mainly uses oil to cook

What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals is a kind of foods that come from minerals and vitamins which is very important for your life and it able to maintain your health and can make you stronger. Most of essential minerals and vitamins are specific to help performance of your body and able to build strength for long term. Vitamins are also important because it is a daily requirement for your health which vitamin is a key factor to stay strong. Most of American Breakfast is cereals which fortified many important vitamins which recommended from doctors. For Vitamins that important for you body is A, B, C,E iron, folic acid, calcium and niacin.

Are you looking for Health Lifestyle?

If you are a person that concern about your health you may want to find a snacks without sacrificing taste with 100 calorie serving. Vitalicious may be one of the best choice for you to select which Vitalicious offer a variety of nutrition products for you to control your wight and get weight loss by follow their instruction. All ingredients that Vitalicious offer for you are come from natural with absolutely no preservative and no additives. All products that order order from Vitalicious are store in the suitable temperature. If you are looking for better health lifestyle you must start control what you eat.

Vitalicious VitaTops Featured on FOX with Hungry Girl

Why Choosing Vitalicious.com?

The reason that why many people that concern about their health select Vitalicious is because all product that you find at Vitalicious.com are low fat products which they provide only 100 Calorie which is the minimum Calories for your snacks plus Maximum Nutrition and Pleasure that add on Vitalicious products. Vitalicious entering into Health Food business since 1999 which you can assure the quality of their products that will never make you disappoint.

Vitalicious Coupon: By entering Vitalicious Coupon during your checkout after you finish adding items to your cart then you will see a box for entering Vitalicious Coupon which can save your money up to 15% Off.

Vitalicious Shipping: Vitalicious offering Free Shipping on all order by entering Vitalicious Free Shipping Code is mention above the post in the box during your checkout but you have to choose between Vitalicious Coupon for discount or Vitalicious Free Shipping that which one can save more money for you.

Vitalicious Customer Service: If you have any question about Vitalicious Shipping, Vitalicious Products, Vitalicious Services or anything that you would like to Vitalicious which you can contact Vitalicious directly at 1-877-848-2877 or you can have a live chat which you can see a live chat button at Vitalicious landing page which locate on the top left hand side like picture below.

Steps to Entering Vitalicious Coupon

Step1: Select your items at Vitalicious.com

Step2: After you select your items then click at Add to Cart

Step3: After you click at Add to Cart then click at Sucure Checkout like picture below

Step4: After you click at Sucure Checkout then Enter Vitalicious Coupon and click Apply like picture below


About Vitalicious.com

Vitalicious is a website that offering healthy snacks and muffins with low fat with only 100 Calorie which different from other muffins and snacks that you eat because Vitalicious control the minimum calories with only 100 calories which you can see the ingredient that how Vitalicious can control their products. Vitaliciousnot only offering 100 Calories but Vitalicious also providing 4-10g Fiber, 3-5g Protein, Low Fat, Trans Fat Free, Low Sodium, No Cholesterol, 15 Vitamins and Minerals for you to select. Many product from Vitaliciou have 100 calories per 20z size with they provide a low fat food with high fiber products which can contain protein, natural ingredients and many more that you can share with the one you care because 100 Calorie is big enough to share. Vitalicious also giving away Vitalicious Coupon which you can save your money by using Vitalicious Coupon after you have add your order to your cart and then you will see a box for entering Vitalicious Coupon during your checkout which can save your money up to 15% Off from your current price.

At Vitalicious you will see many useful content like Nutritional Benefits which offering a useful content to the reader that why 100 Calorie is enough for you and for the categories of useful content that you can read at Vitalicious such as Heart Health, Compare to an Apple, Vital Info, Walk it off, Portion Control, 7 Opportunities, Nutritional Info, Vital Recipes and many more.

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