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Vapor4Life Coupon Lists

Updated Vapor4Life Coupon Code Lists

1. Coupon: SITEWIDE10: Save 10% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping on order of $50

2. Coupon: VKIT40: Save 40% Off on WOW Vapor V-Kit

3. Coupon: MODSAVINGS: Save 15% Off on Mods, Tanks and Accessories + Free Shipping on order of $50

3. Coupon: 25OFFKITS: Save 25% Off on Zeus, Variable Voltage and ECK Kits

4. Coupon: OVERSTOCK20: Save 20% Off on All Clearance Items

5. Coupon: FREE420: Save 20% Off on all Herbal Vaporizers and CBD OIl With free shipping over $50!

6. Coupon: SITEWIDE10: Save 10% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping on all order over $50

7. Coupon: 3OFFJUICE: Save $3 Off on all E-Juice

8. Coupon: FREESHIP20: Get Free Shipping on all order over $20

9. Coupon: ZEUS1: Save 20% Off on The Vapor Zeus + Free Shipping

10. Coupon: FROSTY: Only $19 with 60 ml bottles / $14 with 30 ml bottles

11. Coupon: SHIP35: Free Shipping for Domestically order over $35

12. Coupon: SMILIN: Save 10% Off on all order at Vapor4life

13. Coupon: SHIPTODAY: Free Shipping on orders over $50 at Vapor4Life

14. Coupon: ELITE: Get the G-Pen Elite for just $124.99 at

15. Coupon: SAMPLEDISPOSABLE: Try Disposable Vapes for just $5 (including shipping)

16. Coupon: 15ULTIMO: $15 Ultimo Vapor at Vapor4Life

17. Coupon: 44JUICE: 4 for $44 on all WOW and Premium 30ML bottles

18. Coupon: FREESHIPUS: Get Free Shipping on all order of $65

19. Coupon: SAVE10: 10% Off and Free Shipping on Orders Over $60

20. Save up to $50 Off at Vapor4Life (HOT)

21. Clearance Sale at up to 60% Off

22. Coupon: 59ECIGAR: Get an E-Cigar King Starter Kit for $59.99 plus free shipping!

(Some Discount will active during your checkout process)


About is a place that you can find and order the best quality of E-Cigarette Products that is very famous among people who use E-Cigarette and Starter Kits for E-Cigarette. When you visit Vapor4Life website you will find their E-Cigarette that separate into categories for example Vapor Titan, Vapor King, Vapor Zeus, Dail-A-Volt, e Mods. EGO Kit, Aurora Kit, Tobacco Flavors, Menthol Flavors, Fruit Flavors, Beverage Flavors, Dessert Flavors, Coffee Flavors and many more for you to shop from Vapor4Life website. For Shopping tips from Vapor4Life website that can save more money for you by apply Vapor4Life Coupon after you finish adding your select items into your shopping cart and during your checkout process you will see a box to enter Vapor4Life Coupon which current Vapor4Life Coupon can save your money up to 35% Off from your current order price. If you have any question about order E-Cigarette Products and E-Cigarette Flavors which you can contact their call center directly at 847-944-8200 which their call center will available for you from Monday through Friday at 10:00am until 8:00pm EST and for Saturday at 11:00am until 4:00pm EST.

Advantage of using E-Cigarette

Advantage of using E-CigaretteThe advantage of using E-Cigarette is that user will not get toxins from burning like normal cigarette that can cause cancer. User will receive only nicotine which user can also customize the amount of nicotine by yourself. Electronic cigarette or electric cigarette smoking which make up the device battery charge to delivery nicotine to smoker. Electronic Cigarette is similar to the real tobacco. The model of Electronic Cigarette is called a pen style which many country are developing such as China, Italy, Germany, America, Japan, Korea and many more.

Electronic Cigarette is the solution of e-liquid which producted by substances Propylene Glycerol or chemical propriano or you can call PG which is food grade. You can find PG chemical from shampoo, cosmetic, soap, cleansers or even candy. PG chemical is not harmless to health.

Generally determines the level of nicotine in the solution as follow

1. Extra High Level of 20-24 mg Nicotine
2. High Level of 16-18 mg Nicotine
3. Medium Level of 11-14 mg Nicotine
4. Low Level of 4-8 mg Nicotine
5. Non Level of 0-2 mg Nicotine

Electronic Cigarettes is better than the real cigarettes from the review which electronic cigarettes can make you sleep easier, eat more food, breathe easier, improved your mood and the most important things is it save more money for you. Electronic Cigarettes do not have 4000 toxic species like real cigarettes especially carbon and tar which is a major cause of cancer and disease.

Electric cigarettes really safe?

First of all, it is an important question from people who smoke with real cigarettes is e-cigarette smoking is harmfull less than cigarette that you smoke than hundreds of time. The reason that why e cigarettes is harm your body less than real cigarette is because it does not contain any ingredient that related to tobacco which these include bitumen, carbon monoxide, butane, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, arsenic, cyanide, phenols and other radiation that can cause various disease such as cancer, lung disease, emphysema, throat, mount and teeth have yellow stains and many more.

It’s come into a question from many people that Electric Cigarettes is safer than smoking? and it’s 100% safe or not.

Everything in our world if we comsume it with a suitable limited and not too much it will safe. Everything that produce in our world if we comsumed too much it can harm our body so you need to know your limited and comsume it not too much. These are the factor that FDA or Food and Drug Administrator stating that e-liquid does not contain anything that can harmful to human body as well as Electric Cigarettes. Electric Cigarettes is alternative choice for people who smoke and it is do not qualify as a smoking cessation device but it is battery operated nicotine delivery device or devices that delivery nicotine to the body.

For starter people you must understant that there are a differnt between smoke and vapor. Smoke refers to the smoke caused by buring. The smoke caused by the burning of things such as the paper burns, cigarette burns and etc. There are contaminants when burining occur.

Vapor refers to the smoke in the form of steam and it just a mist of water in them. It we take a look smoke and vapor from outside it will look very similar but it’s not the same as you think because contaminants are not the same length and we do not have to say that which one contain more toxic.

No matter cigarette or e-cigarette it not safe for human body if you consumed it a lot. On the other hand e-cigarette is safe for you but if you consumed it too mush you may receive too much nicotine and it will cause negative effect on your body as well. For the thing that we can guarantee 100% is equipment and E-liquid detergent that does not contain any toxic that harmful to health. The only exception is nicotine comsumption.

For nicotine that we receive between Cigarette and E-Cigarette is mention below.

– In one day if you smoke one pack of cigarette you will receive 24 mg of nicotine (1.2mg x 20 cigarettes), or if you consume two pack of cigarette you will receive nicotine 48 mg.

– For E-Liquid 1 bottle is 10cc will contain 16mg nicotine or equal to six pack of cigatette

The amount of nicotine that your body will receive from consume e-liquid in 1 bottle is mention below.

E-Liquid Hi (16mg) 1 bottle = 6.6 cigarettes
E-Liquid Medium (11mg) 1 bottle = 05.04 pack of cigarettes
E-Liquid Low (6mg) 1 bottle = 2.5 cigarettes

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