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Using Pump Method to fix a Clogged Inkjet Cartridge

Let’s see how to fix Clogged Inkjet Cartridge by using Pump Method

Using Pump Method to fix a Clogged Inkjet Cartridge

In Inkjet Cartridge you will see the ink is ejected from the nozzles and in inkjet print head there are a ten of nozzles. If one of nozzles is clogged the print quality become low quality for sure. Put some newspaper over the table in order to avoid getting ink all over your work surface. After you refilling your ink cartridge take with a needle long and large enough in order to penetrate into the inkjet cartridge. After that insert the needle into the area hole so you can use the syringe supplied in your refill kit. Seal the hole around the needle with glue. Some Cartridges have more than one area hold so you have to close all other holes with glue or adhesive tape. It’s better not to use this method with color cartridges because color ink will be risk for contamination. After the glue has set and you have to inject air into the cartridge. A small amount of ink should be emitted from the nozzles upon injection. Inside the ink cartridge there will have sponge. The sponge contains the ink. The inkjet air force into the ink in order to flow out from the nozzles by cleaning them. Clean the print head of the cartridge with a soft cloth and water. After these step now draw air into the syringe slowly. The air will enter into the cartridge through the nozzles and you have to continuing cleaning process. Repeat the operation many times as you can until you see the nozzles are clean. At the end of these method, the last step must be injecting air into the cartridges and the nozzles are damp with ink and without any air bubbles. Please make attention in order not to damage the electronic contacts. After you have done the step that mention above then remove the needle and open the area hole and the cartridge has to pull in air or it will not work. Now you can replace the cartridge into the printer and test that it work or not by print something.

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