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Urban Hotel for you to get some Rest

Get rest at Urban HotelUrban Hotels

Urban Hotels

It’s a great idea for every people who would like outpost where wear travellers that can get some rest. This is contemporary rustic hotel which it is a surprising.

The idea behind is a romantic that inspired from exploration. The Urban Post Hotel is look anything but old world. The exclusive room that every hotels have which urban hotels also have. The Urban Hotel have a feeling of a designer home which but the thing that come with these hotel is a services for a business traveller plus a space that is not contemporary and chic. The feeling that most of people who visit Urban Hotel will say in a same word is warm and homely. This is thanks to its use of raw textures and natural material with sprinkling of vintage furnishings. Each room of Urban Hotel usually designed with a different appaeal but unified with an extensive that use of natural material such as American Oak, Old Wood and decoration items that make it become vintage. The natural are perfectly balanced by the sleek polish designer furnishings while a smattering of found items displayed around the interiors such as wooden propeller blades, metal gear and even gardening tools and its also add character and sense of history to the space.

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