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Untangling Behaviour Problem

Below you will see untangling behaviour problem

The obvious place to start is the problematic behaviours themselbes that addictions are a bit like those necklaces that you chucked in a drawer. Mostly will show how to manage to tangle themselves. As well as replacing behaviours any lasting chance demands a mission in disentanglement and developing skill in problem solving to reprogram responses to life curve balls. Let’s face it, it’s all well and good to be kit kat sober when the going’s good but you also need to be able to deal with a shock credit card statement or break up. This mean identifying the root of your addiction. What triggers it, how it affect you and effective ways to cope when you could rest on habitual laurels. Before you beat yourself up for buying ice cream after a fight with the boss, it’s worth nothing that many of us are not equipped to deal with problem.

Below you can be used to identitfy and solve problems

1. Recognise that problem exists by using clues in yoru behaviour or emotions
2. Identify the problem itself that not the spinoff symptons like being overtired that you want to call out the fact that you are working 14 hour days and hopefully. You can not come up with solution to an unknow problem
3. Break the problem down into several smaller, more manageable problems.
4. Think of as many solution to a single problem as you can regardless of how effective or ineffective that they may be.
5. Once you have a list of possible solutions, you can think about all possible outcomes in order to select the most promising solution.
6. After you have negotiated an assistant with the boss or refinanced the car which these will reflect on how effective the solution that really was and whether you could use it again.

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