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Unilateral Resistance Training

Unilateral Resistance Training Tips

All bilateral muscles function indenpendently which many cases that have many instances everyday activities such as walking, running, swimming, writing, eating and so on. When using 1 limb at a time. Recognising, therefore what is already a natural process of independent function, one should view that all resistance traning be executed in a unilateral fashion. One side and one muscle at a time.

Unilateral resistance training allow a prime moving muscle to function in tis most natural path of movement, accurately co-ordinating body parts to capitalise on leverage and balance so that replication of precise biomechanics acan be attained for maximum results and safety during your exercise.

The type of training is highly advantegeous during instances when a prime moving muscle may execute more than one action or function allowing the corresponding muscle on the other side of the body to work independently and efficiently without competition or compromise the elite athlete or resistance training novice and can reap the benefits that unilateral resistance training has to offer.

Unilateral resistance training defies any perception that resistance exercise is a time consuming, boring and that will only cause acute or chronic injury. No matter what is the goal, the end result of any form of resistance training exercise should be about creating and maintaining a healthy state of mind and body. The body is designed so that its natural warning system of malfunction will activate as pain swelling and discomfort. If inappropriate resistance exercie is executed lgnoring warning signs will ultimately lead to varying degrees of short and long term structural damage. Unilateral resistance training offer many benefit and for the most benefit that compared with additional bilateral resistance exercise is awareness. Awareness includes knowledge about the strength or weakness and overall function of a prime moving muscle. This insight allows precise analysis empowering and individual with information about related issues and areas of the body and expediting assessment and comparison.

Unilateral training transfers complete ownership of a resistance weight used during an exercise exclusively for a single prime moving muscle, heightening the need for greater focus which in turn decreases the contribution from accelerated momentum.

The reason some injuries that can be occur in striving to develop balanced muscles is accelerated momentum. This generally occurs as a result of muscle exhaustion, imbalance in muscle strength, poor mental focus or just plain ego. A classic example of accelerated momentum is an individual executing a barbell curl with too much weight begins to generate movement through th hip, back and shoulders to raise the weight instead of the intended prime moving biceps muscles.

Unilateral training keeps the prime moving muscle. It eliminates the lifting of unrealistic amounts of weight and places limbs, joiunts and muscles in the best possible leverage position so the optimal strength during an exercise can be attained. A muscle may carry out multiple actions necessitating movement in varied directions and angles. Unilateral training accommodates this perfectly accurately co-ordinating body parts free of restriction for optimal. Unilateral training transfer complete ownership of a resistance weight used during an exercise exclusively onto a single prime moving muscle, hightening the need for greater focus which in turn decreases the contribution from accelerated momentum.

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