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Unhealthy DIN for your little home

Unhealth sounds

The health fallout of all this racket should not be underestimated. Noise doesn’t need to wake you or be excessive to have short and long term impacts. Clearly, louder or more perceptible noises such as the beep of a microwave finishing or the loud shudder of an unbalanced washing machine can cause the release of adrenalin. However, repeated studies on noise pollution have found that even the low level but incessant whiz and whir of outdoor traffic during sleep may increase blood pressure, heart rate and body movements. A partner’s snoring may cause these health issues too. As a result during the dayime, mood is often lower and learning, concentration and reaction times are impeded. Even just reducing not eliminating, indoor noise can help to increase the amount of both slow wave. No matter how long you are exposed to noise overnight, habituation doesn’t occur and in particular heart health with issues like arrhythmias may be affected. Meanwhile, there are many detrimental effects from white or low frequency noise. The ongoing hum or hiss given off by electrical devices such as TV, when it is switched to standby or the sound of the fridge which often has an ongoing hum. From the research suggests sound could cause constantly elevated stress level and fight or flight style responses that increase the production of stress hormones such as cortisol. If chronically repeated, this kind of response could contribute to wieght gain and the development of conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Well respected neuroscientist found that baby rats exposure to white noise interferes with the development of the hearing part of the brain that causing damage. This led him to conclude that white noise exposure may contribute to attention disorders in children particularly if it is loud or up close.

Once you start to notice the unwelcome sounds spilling into your daily life and downtime, it will suddenly become much more evident how chronically noisy your home has become. To reduce the impact that you can make over the following areas of your home for greater solitude, silence and serenity.

For Natural Noise Buffers

In order to reduce the general noisiness of your home and its surrounds consider installing items below:

  • Tapestries on the walls.
  • Natural fibre carpets with natural rubber underlay
    Large rugs on wooden floors.
  • Curtains in heavy fabrics like velvet and wool to separate rooms that have no doors.
  • Solid wooden doors which can help cut the noise spill from room to room, and these will shut out much more noise than cheap hollow or chipboard doors.
  • Tall, thatched fences that encircle your property.

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