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Truth About E-Cigs

The Truth about Electronic Cigarette

The Truth about Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette change the old world of using normal cigarette, electronic cigarettes has a shot at a billion dollar industry and it happen so fast like a wizardry. The promotion from many electronic cigarette brand name are actively marketing and sales as a tobacco field by giving away free sample electronic cigarette. Many people will think that the cigarettes will help you okay in B day while you was at the slightest to take a good hard look is the largest major review of the research on the effects of publishing the American Health Association scientific journal of using manufactures are not supported by the data when the fire was that you think will have to wait for every snowflake. Do you actually significantly less likely to be successful by about 30% is probably related to claim number that can occur as a safe alternative releases with water vapor in every 35 is faster about the high nicotine slider buns other well know taxes in the paper sound familiar. It’s just like breads uses every discussed tobacco research that are stated that you think you’re not delivered. Nicotine and harmless water vapor but they said that they’re still delivering the same percentages that are known to cause chronic disease and cancer to the breast feeding as well. There’s no sister invited you growing number of middle and high school is a brat and try electronic cigarette instead of normal cigarettes and a number of teenagers more than double in 2014 even more now it says 2014 which us a concern percent of lifetime getting addiction beings in.

The Risks of Nicotine

  • Peptic ulcer Disease
  • Slow Speed of body healing
  • High Cholesterol
  • Artery Constriction
  • Blood pumping harder for heart
  • Hypertension
  • Stroke

The Advantage of Electronic Cigarette

  1. There’s no tobacco in the formula and the user inhales the synthetic nicotine without inhaling any tar
  2. Electronic Cigarette able to reduce the amount of second hand smoke health problems
  3. Electronic Cigarette do not produce smoke so it can used in a smoke free environment
  4. The liquid that inside the cartridges is composed by artificial nicotine, essence, propylene glycol, flavor but normal tobacco contain more than 4000 chemical products and about 43 carcinogens beside nicotine

What’s we know about Electronic Cigarette?

  1. Some ingredient in electronic cigarette are associated with gastrointestinal irritation which able to damage human brain
  2. Electronic Cigarette still needs approval of the FDA as smoking cessation device
  3. Rather than quit normal cigarette but electronic cigarette may worsen an user’s nicotine habit
  4. No study of long tern use of electronic cigarettes

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