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Training Tips by changing your environment

Below you will see a few tips for outdoor training

From many research show that different outdoor spaces will impace your bodies and minds in different way. From the studies also suggest that choosing the most natural environment with have a lot of trees, grass and plat life is best for boosting your health and perforamnce. While you are at it you should consider training near water too. In the research compare the effect of urban parks, countryside and seaside on individual well being and while all locations where linked to increased calmness and refreshment. Thost who lived by the coast tended to be healthier than those who lived further inland. Forest and water scenes have been shown to increase relaxing alpha wave activity in the brain and to decrease the heart rate while urban views are associated with increased muscular tension.

Clear your head by stepping outdoors on your lunch break and spending time in nature has been liked with cognitive restoration like hitting the refresh button on your fatigued over worked brain.

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