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Toys for children development ages 0-3 years

Toys can encourage children to develop their skill and learning. Toys or playing is important for your children to learn which it is a key for children’s learning in the future. Therefore, if a parent or caregiver can understand and can use education toys to educate children effectively will make skills development and learning to move forward with better quality. When children develop a good foundation. And age-appropriate children will be able to experience various.

Development and learning of children aged 0-3 years

Children this age learn through play. And learning through the use of five senses is the eyes, nose, ears listening to the tongue, the taste and touch. This age children tend to like all kinds of mouth. By mouth to explore them sucking licking with parents should encourage children to use these skills by finding toys that are lightweight, handy size , not too small, simple safe and cleaning.

Allow children to practice skills in their hand and eye coordination to grab the handle things, to shake, out the mouth which parents or caretakers should not pull out from children mouth because it will make children upset and frustrated. Moreover it will make lack of opportunity to explore the use of oral learning and the most inportant parents should talk and interacted with their children.

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