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Top 5 Everyday Additions for our Generation

Below you will see Top 6 Everyday Additions

Let’s see top 6 activities every day additions

Substances: This includes misusing and or abusing cigarettes, alcohol, painkillers, food or even caffeine. It often start as a way to cope with difficult situations or feelings and is especially common in implusive personalities.

Internet: Many people will guess that you sepnd way too much time on the internet. If you are addicted to twitter and instagram. You can not live without your phone and not having acess to these applications while spending time online can be productive, compulsive interent use can interfere with your daily life, work and relationships. If you feel more comfortable with your online friends than your real ones or can not stop checking friends updates so you could be addicted.

Shopping: If you shop tip they drop and it worth scrutinising what motivates your retail therapy. Being driven by a compulsive need rather than a functional one and shopping more in certain emotional conditions. Common hallmark of problematic shopping. Shopping addicts also tend to feel worse, not better after shopping. Particularly if it causes financial duress. If a situation does not go to your way, you go shopping. You use shopping to deal with any stressful situation in your life. These will result that you addicts with shopping and you need therapy.

Work: Nowadays, many people face these problem with work addicts. Checking work emails during dinnger, holding up in the spare room with your iMac after midnight and cancelling social plans to finish reports are the marks of workaholism. While commitment and dedication can be positive. There is a fine line if you are living to work and not working to live. Pull the brake and pin down what’s driving you. If it’s an unquestioned obligation, quest for perfection a praise or to honour your folks. Work ethic which it is a time to make an active choice about what kind of life that you would like. Passively pursuing can be a compulsion which often leads to burnout.

Exercise: Contrary to what images of fitness models. Being uber fit does not always connote good health. Exercise addiction can result in major physical fallouts and psychological distress as sufferers chase. The social side effects of favouring workouts over catch ups with friends can diminish self worth further, creating a snowball effect.

Gambling: Statistic from 2013 show that more than 2.5 percent of people have moderate to severe gambling problem and meaning that they are willing to risk something that value in the hope of gaining something of greater value. Unfortunately gambling rarely leads to success and covering losses often spirals into depleted savings and sometimes stealing.

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