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Tips & Tricks to create art work on your wall decor

Great Wall of Bricks

Great Wall of Bricks

Brick walls have been in use to construct buildings for a centuries. The focus has shifted from its durability to its aesthetic qualities.


Aesthetic Apparel

Many people either love them exposed or have painted to create a contemporary look and the question is, should you opt to go natural (gray tone or red tone bricks). Paint them or go for glossy glazed subway brick wall? Paint on your wall is not hard than you think which you can take a look and practice from many clip video like youtube via internet.


Raw Brick Walls

Raw Brick Walls is a textured and unevenly shaped which these exposed bricks that give a warm and cosy feeling. These types of characteristic to your home which common dilemma with raw bricks is to know how to make them look good in your home. A colors of bricks that made from raw clay tend to be overpowering which it is advisable to minimise its use to a wall or a column.

Cement or reclaimed brick walls with neutral or dark color furnishing able to to make them stand out. Especially applicable to the industrial style which usually sees exposed wall paired with cement flooring, color metal pipes and wooden furniture.


Painted Brick Walls

Painted Brick Wall is a make use of the natural bricks that you have underneath your plaster walls to save your money. Whitewashed or painted in preferred color, these walls project is a modern contemporary living space which can be dressed up with your favorite furniture and accessories.

The common dilemma with raw bricks is to know how to make them look good in your home as the color of bricks able to made from raw clay tend to be overpowering. It is advisable to minimise its use to a wall or a column.


Tips for Brick Wall

If you are not sure if your birck walls would flatter your home you just add a piece of artwork or photograph that featuring it up close beofre making permanent and costly decision.  Do not forget to apply zinc chloride solution to neutralisethe surface or treat cracks before painting. It’s also advisable to know the age of the brick wall beforehand.

How to choose the right bricks for your home and which one are suitable for Indoor or Outdoor?


The types of bricks  to use in different areas of your home which separate into 3 main categories including facing engineering and common bricks. Espically for external use for facing bricks are known for both which it’s durability and appearance. These types of bricks can be result in a uniformed look because they come with a various surfaces such as cobble, sand blast or smooth face. For example of facing bricks that include wire cut which takes shape from the slicing of clay by using wire tools and water struck which the clay has high water content. Water is also a lubricant that used to release it from the mould.


Weather resistant engineering bricks are ideal for outdoors. Concrete, calcium silicate is a type of firebrick that made from lime and sand. Common bricks on the other hand are more suitable for internal use. You must focus on its functions rather than it appearance.


Can you put accessories on these wall with painting?

The answer is yes you can but you have to be extra careful when you hanging up something on paintings on brick walls. Ary drill holes have to be on the mortar between the bricks and using masonry drill bits.


Can you paint on exposed or Raw Bricks?

The answer is yes you can paint on raw bricks. However, you have to make sure that the paint is suitable on bricks. It’s a ideal for homeowners to use moisture and alkali resistant paints which also permeable to vapour from the structure. You must not forget to apply zinc chloride solution to neutralise the surface or treat cracks before painting. It is also adviable to know the age of teh brick wall beforehand.


Paint Removal

Before removing the paint from brick, there is an important thing that you can no ignore because the paint may have left stains. The task of removing paint takes up a lot of time, so you must be sure that a room is well ventilated when using paint strippers. Harsh chemical , rough treatment such as sandblasting or using wire brushes can also damage brick walls.


What Brick Bond are?

Brick Bond is a wall entails more than the random stacking of bricks one on top of the other. Brick bonds or the arrangement of bricks in various defined patterns are imporatnat to ensure safe and durable wall. Below you will see a list of bonds and where we can spot them.


Garden wall bond

Garden brick walls very popular in Asia. The garden wall bonds are cheap and easy to build. But it’s not strong like other brick bond but they can enhance the beauty of the garden by doubling as stands for flower pots and other decorative items.


Ranking Bond

These types of bond is used for thick walls and two types are used.  The herrring bone bone is for wall not less than four bricks thick and is commonly used for brick pavings. Diagonal bond is suitable for wall which are two to four bricks thick.


Zig Zag Bond

The brick are laid in a zigzag pattern. This is a recurring pattern which you see in brick paved floorings, sidewalks and garden paths.


Silverlock’s bond

Silverlock’s bond is a lower in cost of construction in it lacks. The strength of othering bondings. It’s normally used for garden or partition wall.


Stretching Bond

Stretching Bond is suitable for partition walls and half brick walls. The bricks are laid as stretchers. This type of wall apeear frequently between linked houses and acts as boundary.


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