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Tips & Trick to Grow your Own Food

Below you will see a few tips to grow your Own Food
Tips & Trick to Grow your Own Food

To be able to pick a vegetable from your garden and bring it straight into the kitchen to cook for your dinner is one of the most rewardin and satisfying experience. The thrill of flicking through seed catalogues or heading to the garden shop to see the vast array of vegetable seed packets just waiting to be plucked from the shelf and brought home, nurtured, planted and picked for the dinner table is an adventure. If you are afraid that you can not resist buying packets of seeds with the greatest of intentions of sowing immediately and the lofty thought of eating all that lovely produce. All of the begetables listed below that recommended for you to grow at your place because you can grow and will be eaten by your family or yourself which make it all more rewarding.


Beetroo is one of the best and easiest vegetable to grow from seed. If you have never liked beetroot then try not to think about the pickled variety with a start to think of this root as delicious sweet addition to roast root begetables. For a continuous supply during the summer and start sowing in March and continuous to sow until July. Once your seedling emerge then watch out for slugs and snails but even in drought this vegetable seems to thrive. Beetroot is a great for roasting freezing and pickling.



Carrots is very easy to grow and it great for carrot lover. Free draining soil in a bright spot in your garden and there is nothing as deliciously sweet as carrots freshly picked and straight to the table. The carrot grown in your own garden may differ from the conventional carrot bought in the shop. Sometime the shape is a bit curby but it does not adverselt affect the taste. Carrot fly can be a problem with this plant but the female flies don’t fly higher then 60cm so planting in a pot above this height will help. there are also carrot fly resistant varieties available and they really work from many experimented with carrot fly resistant variety planted beside the normal seed directly into the ground and when you harvested the carrots, the non resistant one were riddled with holes while the resistant ones were prefect.



Tomatoes is very easy to grow and they are super nutritious and nothing beats the taste of home grown tomatoes. It’s the meaty beefsteak variety of the sweet like cherry baubles. Sowing tomato seeds is incredibly easy just scatter the seed over compost then cover with a plastic bag and keep moist and place on sunny window or green house. After the seedlings appear then remove the cover and when it grow for about 10cm tall then they are ready to transplant into their final position. They are very hungry plants and you need to have regular feeding and watering. If you gown tomatoes in all locations in your garden and green house with the cherry tomatoes which you can picked a few every time that you passed the plantes.



Raspberry canes are very east to grown also which you just find a few plants that can provide you with an abundant crop. Raspberries can grown in any spot in your garden even in the containers. They like moisture rich soil in the sunny position. The plants will need supporting which you should susally spoort them on a fence or wall wiring to tie in the canes. If you have enough of a crop each year which these will allow you to make jam so you can enjoy the joy of summer during the winter months.


Eating a freshly picked straberries from your garden is a heaven. There is a sweetness that you can not find in any supermarket. You can grow strawberries from seed which it is much easier and quicker to buy the plants from the garden centre. The strawberry shapes can differ from the traditional ones but taste delicious nontheless. A great way to grow the plants is in a hanging baskets as the fruit normally needs to be protected from sitting on the soil with straw. With the strawberries dangling from the basket. Strawberries will not need any protection.



Pumkin is a plant that you can grown from seeds and can be planted anywhere which really but they grow so large. Pumpkin really need a bit of space to spread out and they are very satisfying vegetable to grow and once they are protected with straw from sitting on the soil then they make an excellent crop in the autumn. The flesh can be scooped out or making soup or pumpkin pie before transforming.

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