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Tips to turn a door into corner shelves

Below you will see a great tips to turn your door into corner shelves

Clever space saving shelves are simple to make which junk shops are full of battered old doors which are easily upcycled into shelves that will become a talking point in your home. The more resticated the door, the better. All you need is wooden door that give it a good clean and wood for the shelves. For tools that required is tape measure, pencil, skill saw, drill or screw gun, screws, paintbrush and pain.

1: Let’s start with measure the width of the door that you buy from the shop to establish the middle point then mark the centre with a pencil.

2: Measure the width of door edge and offset this measurement from your centre point and mark a line the length of the door which this is the line that you will cut along.

3: With your skill saw try to cut the door vertically into two pieces along your marked line. For one piece will be wider than the other.

4: Lay the wider side of your door flat on your wokbench and place the narrower piece on top at 90 degree angle. Screw the two pieces together top, end and bottom.

5: After that make the shelves and look best slightly inset, so stand the unit upright by measure in from each side of the unite and mark with a pencil.

6: From your pencil mark measure the distance to the back of the unit on both sides and take note of these measurement.

7: Mark two point on the edge of your shelving wood by using the measurement taken in previous step. Drawing a line between these two points then cutting along it will give you a triangular shelf. Cut as many of these as you like.

8: Hold eash shelf in palce and screw into the unit from the back and repeat for all shelves.

9: Paint your door and shelves with the color that you like.

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