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Tips to Transformed a space from dull to dazzling

Make a Scene for your place

Make a Scene for your place

Take Color Concept to make your place change

If you leave in condo and have spanking new penthouse that have high ceiling with a great view of the city but it have a blend shade.  Let’s tart with Family Lounge. For family lounge you can select distinctive furturistic curving forms in both architecture and interior work. Most of designer covered the window in an amorphous customised seating structure. For seat and throw cushions in peacock you can select a color such as blue, imperial yellow which these can bring informality to the space while blue can splash of the same color on one wall and these will help you play down with strong hues. Room will look more contrasts with the maximalist style of living and dining area.


Bedroom View

Most of bedroom that progress through the apartment to the most private room is the master bedroom and the mood quite hushed serenity. The ideas of harmony balance for bedroom and order are presented through plain wall. The simple wood finishes and symmetry. Most of desinger will combine two bedroom and two bathrooms to make one spacious master suite and both bathroom able to walk in wardrobes. The main wall can treated with beam design that stresses symmelry. A traditional element of architecture are used as a part of partitions for bathroom and wardrobes. The walls can be appear with undresses by using clad in a white pearlised grass cloth that accentuate daylight. The simple lines abundant light flow and overall feeling of calmness impart a meditalive almosphere to the bedroom.


Color is one of the most important tool and it able to transform any space instantly. The different colors able to affect people in different ways. The key is to find a the best creates the mood that you would like to evoke in each room.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Most of designer usually create a dining room in a powerful fresh with green wallpaper that representing renewal and growth. The custom made wallpaper is sumptuous and not just because it is made from silk but it also for delicate detailing of flower, fruit and many more. The complementing of naturalistic mural panels are plain. You can also use rugs and contemporary rugs for your dining room but you must select a color and design of your rug carefully because it affect a lot with your dining room look. Neutral color curtains rug and high gloss acrylic. You can also using sideboard’s leg and octagonal display cabinet by hanging above the dining table.


Living Room

Living Room View

The predominatly neutral color in living room is anything but boring if you take a look in mix of textures and materials and interjection you can create something different. For example thescene with wall upon entry from the private lift foyer and on the surface underneath the bar counter. Other material were chosen in line with aesthetic. The stone look wallcovering will be a great ideas you can add snad color sofa and bespoke rug. You can add a wall between the room and the balcony and created an octagon shapes window which frames a bonsia tree. Gold, white and silver were introduced for add a sense of space and light which can be touch of luxury. The key of balance that you should be carefully is you must not add too much gold color because the room would have lost it serene feel.


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