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Tips to tranform dining room into open plan kitchen

Below you will see tips & trick to change your dining room into open kitchen
Tips to tranform dining room into open plan kitchen

Transform dining room into a kitchen is a good idea for all family, below you will see 5 tips to change your dining room

1. Change Structural: Build knock down the wall that able to dividing the old dining room and hallway. Rip up your carpet and removes electrician such as gas fire for your safety. After you clean up everything then sand your floors but it’s very hard job for everyone so hair someone to do it.

2. Making Progress: Search for kitchen idea and if it’s one that you can not afford so you may start looking elsewhere. If you are finally spot a high gloss grey kitchen on display in some store like Ikea you can teamed with a pink wall and realise the colour combination. You can also make Island kitchen with a large piece of wood and for worktop you can using the offcuts as legs that has a breakfast bar to one side with a storage and recycling bin on the other.

3. Colour: For colour which it’s depend on your idea that which colour tone that you would like your kitchen to be, dark, white, green or grey which it depend on you. Choose colour carefully because it will effect everything in your kitchen.

4. Add Character: You can adding some equipment and accessories such as big fan on tile, the shelf over the range cooker which it is mantelpiece and make your kitchen become kitchen. You can also using panel for shelving unit.

5. Finishing Touches: If you do not want to waste anything you should paint a panel of MDF with blackboard and using dining room from store. You can complete the look with a pendant lighting. In your kitchen you can also adding some display like jar, cup, glasses wine, candlestick and many more in order to make your kitchen a warm welcome place.

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