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Tips to top off your timber home with the best roof for your style

Below you will see a great tips to design your roof top

Roof get no respect. They protect interior spaces that have been inspired by years of preparation and thier pitches and lines give a house its dimension and yey you often do not consider them until your designer or builder bring them up. Instead your roof should be on the short list of decisions to make during the initial planning phase. Roofing option just like most finishes for the home can be extremely overwhelming from the material choices to color and pricing. To get started if you have not laready doen so check out online photo galleries clip pictures from magazines and envision the roof that you would like to have for your future home. Now you are ready to consider the characteristic and benefits of each material.

Wood Shakes: With wood shakes, a homeowner can select from a variety of wood types as well as the width and thickness of the shake. Plus though considered by many consumers to be an upper end material cedar shakes and shingles generally are less expensive than tile, metal or slateand they provide good insulation while also allowing for air circulation. As a natural material however wood hakes are vulnerable to rot, mildew, mold and insects. Routine maintenance such as sealing, inspection and replacement is required to keep a wood shake roof in a good shape.

Slate: A slate roof that is made of slices of rock cut to the size of standard shingles. Like wood shakes, slate also has a natural appearance and comes in many sizes and colors. But slate is immune to damage caused by rot or insects and it serves as good fire protection. Although it requires little maintenance slate comes at a price. Because it is heavey some home require additional roof support. It can get pricey. Additionally the slate slabs are breakable and should not be walked on by a nonprofessional, a potential problem in gutter cleaning season.

Asphalt shingles: Asphalt shingles are the most common material used on roofs today, primarily because they are affordable and do not require much maintenance and not to mention. They come in a variety of colors and styles. The downside ? Because they are light weight and they can blow off during high winds. They tend to degrade faster in regions with high solar load such as Southwear or Florida. Being so susceptible to nature’s forces also means composite shingles that tend to have a shorter lifepan than other materials.

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