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Tips to think positive and keep you diet

Below you will see a good tips to make you have a good shape


When you look into the mirror and you like what you see, you always wanted to be thin. Now you have triumphed. But other do not seem to be as happy as you are with your new look. Quite the contrary actually. It’s demoralising when you have achieve a goal and those around you do not share your joy. Especially whne you dream had always been to have a body that was thin. Where do not have saddlebags, you have space between the top of your thighs and muffin top does not exist.

It was a dream that you would always had but never realised until not. It started with cutting down on your serving sizes and exercising a bit more. It took a few eeeks for the weight to start coming off, but it did. It was not until one day that someone at the gym said you have lost your weight? you look so much better. That was when you knew the diet and exercise were working. You were so inspired and motivated to keep going that. In your enthusiasm, you decided to eat even less and up the exercise. You eating and exercise plan had worked up until not.

Step to surviving and thriving

Step1: Talk to someone you trust about your concerns and do some research into finding a professional who can help. Do not try to do this on your own. It is a complex issue that needs expert input to guide you through to a place of wellness and health.

Step2: The first port of call would be a good GP that you can trust and is well versed in dealing effectively and efficiently with your concerns. Your GP can then organise a team of health professional to work in conjunction with each other to ensure you get all the support you need not just physically but mentally and emotionaly.

Step3: Be patient with yourself and the process of getting well. It took a while to get to the epitome of poor health so it will take a while to build yourself backup.

Step4: Do not give up. You will have some tough days where the struggle to not eat will seem overpowering, but stick to your guns and you will get through it.

Step5: Get as much support as you can through your network of family and friends. They will have been so worried about you so they will be more than happy now to do what they can to make the healing process more simple and easy one.


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