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Tips to Start loving yourself today

Below you will see a great tips to make you loving yourself

  1. Write five things that you like about yourself.
  2. Mediate, try yoga or take time out for you. Sit down at the beach or read positive books
  3. Stop comparing and start loving. Get off of social media and try to break that obsession of looking at othe bodies.
  4. Stop the negative thoughts. As soon as you start putting yourself down and get in teh habit of stopping that though and replacing it with a positive one.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people who love you.
  6. Be active and healthy by sepaks for itself. Join a sports group, gym or start walking anything to get moving. Once you have started putting one foot in front of another keep it up.
  7. Eat nutritions food. Stay away from nasty sugar and processed foods. Fill your body with fruit, vegetables and good carbs and lean meat.
  8. Let go and talk to someone which it okey to ask for help and it will do you the world of good to let go those negative thoughts.

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