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Tips to set mind on the matter for your horses

Below you will see a great tips for mind on the matter

Distraction are part of life when riding and even more so when you are competing so getting your horses so focused on you and what you are asking that he ignores what’s going on around him is really important. The best way to teach your horse to cope with distractions is by recreating them at home, rather than in a show situation where it will be harder to address new problems. Make the best of what you have available. Some school will add mirrors and advertising boards around it, which can helps desensitise your horses to competition arenas that oftenh ave hoarding around them. Some horses become tense when there are jumps around. If your horse reacts to fences even when you are not jumping so do not ignore the issue work him around jumps until he relaxes. It’s important for him to learns not to tense up in anticipation of jumping.

If your school is close to the yard so any activity is noticeablea nd there are often sheep in the adjoining field. Don’t avoid schooling just because a horse finds the sheep spooky. In face it’s great for themt o get used to another different situation and the same is true for noisy activity on the yard. Something that can really distract a horse if he is not used to it is anything that flaps for example tarpulins or tents. If that sound like your horse then face the issue rather than avoiding it. It also important to know whether your horse is genuinely worried or if he is simply evading work and being silly. If there is something specific that your horses is shying away from being by riding a circle at the gar end of the arena. As he settles and stops being so focused on whatever is spooking him slowly edge your circle closer and closer. Keep your horse bent slightly away from the object, but keep youri nside leg on the ensure that he does not fall in on the circle to avoid getting closer to the spooky object. Remeber your position too keep looking up in the direction that you want to travel not down or at the object itself. Be encouraging your horse take the contact and keep moving forward. You will be able to retain his attention and gradually work him past.

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