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Tips to Select Bath Tubs

Let’s see a few types of Bath Tubs

Tips to Select Bath Tubs

Bathing Pleasures

Bathroom is a best place and it’s good for you to have relaxing bath or shower that can do amazing for the soul. Below you will see a few types of bath tubs for you to pick and choose for your bathroom.

Bath Tubs

Drop-In Bathtub
These types of bathtub is a tub that installed inside the platform which it is preferably installed in a bigger bathrooms because it’s required more floor space. Drop-In Bathtub sometime the rim which locate a the side is big enough for you to sit on it. Drop-In Bathtub have many shape such as square, round shapes and rectangle.


Free Standing Bathtub or Stand Alone

Stand Alone Bathtub is one of the most expensive bathtub and it also required a bigger space for install. Like it name that can stand alone which the installed bathtub able to stand on it own withou any support from the walls.


Alcove Bathtub

The alcove bathtub is very common bathtub because of using common ways of installation. Alcove Bathtub involves a rectangular bathtub which fixed at one side of bathroom. If you have smaller bathroom these types of bathtub will help a lot for maximize your space.


Undermount Bathtub

Undermount Bathtub is the least common wat to install a bathtub. On the other hand it has similar characteristics as drop in bathtubs which it different as flooring made from tiles or stones are integrated up to the edge of the tub.

Types of Shower Head

Types of Shower Head

Side Showers

Side Shower requires strong water pressure and it unlike the conventional head and hand showers that have water sprays on the sides.


Hand Showers

Hand Shower can give you the flexibility to using direct water flow and it not only allow you to wash where you need but Hand Showers able to double up as a head shower when placed onto a holder. Height are also adjustable.


Head Shower

Head Shower are usually mounted above the height of an average person but if you are using rain head shower you must have powerful water pressure.


Types of Showers

Power Showers
Power Showers will work well with low pressure water system because it will boosting water flow from the downside. The power shower will use more energy and more water.


Digital Showers
Digital Showers will equipped with the latest shower technology because digital shower can save time and reduces energy and it also consists of various shower settings.


Mixer Showers
Mixer Showers us versatukuty that allow mixer shower to work with both low and high pressure water system and it’s not only regulates the water temperature but it also mixes with hot and cold water at the shower head.


Electric Showers
Electric Showers is the regular electric shoer that rely entirely on electric to supply hot water and their temperature can be controlled.


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