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Tips to Open Inkjet Cartridges and Clean inside

Let’s see how to open inkjet cartridges and how to clean it inside your cartridges

Tips to Open Inkjet Cartridges and Clean inside
All Inkjet cartridge have a print head and it all has a cap. For the color of the cap of inkjet cartridges are all different. For example HP and Canon Cartridges, the cap is locate where the label is adhered. So first of all you have to prepare a clean workspace and after that you have to wear glove in order to avoid making a mess of on your hands. Pry off the top of inkjet cartridges by inserting a knife or other tool into the crevice and prying upward. For the cap is only glued, however the covers of some ink cartridges are sealed so you have to use a saw to open it. After the cap is pried off then you can remove the sponge the holds of ink if desired. After that you have to clean the cartridge from the inside with hot water.

Tips: Do not let the cartridge outside of the printer for a long time because of the ink in the nozzles will be dry and clog your cartridge. For the same reason do not let the cartridge without the internal sponge for a long period of time.

Without the cap, it will be so easy to refill the cartridge especially color cartridge. Reinstall the cap and it’s not necessary to glue the cap. The cartridge has to pull in air or it will not work.

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