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Tips to Open a Bottle of Champagne

Tips to Open Champagne

How to Open a Bottle of Champagne without Spilling its Content

In order to opening a bottle of sparkling can be a scary thing for everyone who never know how to open it or it’s a first time for you especially champagne bottles which are heavier and have more pressure. Below you will see a few tips for open Champagne.

  1. Make sure that the bottle is cold as it numbs the bubbles
  2. Incline the bottle and hold the bottle at the angle of 45 degrees
  3. Remove the cap and cage while keeping your thumb on the cork with your hand around the neck
  4. Keep the cage around the cork this helps with the grip
  5. Squeeze the cage but you have sure that you hold it tightly for a dew seconds and move it from left to right without pulling it.
  6. When you feel the pressure working up then keep turning the cork while maintaining your grip. After that let the pressure make it way up.
  7. For the last step is removing the cork and there won’t be any noise or a big mess


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