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Tips to motivate yourself to have a better health

Below you will see a few tips to motivate yourself


Do not tkae yourself too seriously. Life have purpose is to connect with people and have fun. The gym is the perfect place to do both.

Where to start?

If you are going into this gym thing with your training wheel on then it is well worth investing in a personal trainer for your first few sessions. Most gyms will offer to write you a program and take you through correct exercise technique as part or your membership but you might want to suss out your trainer’s credentials first. Do they have a speciality? Do they look as though they walk the talk? Can they woek around your injuries. Watch them on the floor interacting with their clients. Are they attentive or just a glorified rep counter? Choose someone that you feel confortable with and who will get you started on the right foot. Of course, there are many program variations but most trainers will start you off on a simple full body workout to learn the basics. As you become accustomed to the training and movement patterns you may want to challenge yourself further and progress to a split such as push and pull movements on separate days or upper and lower body exercises on alternate training days. Eventually you might select to do a more advanced split over 4 or 5 days. Machines can help you to develop your awareness. Co-ordination or neuromuscular adaption when to turn on certain muscles and shut off other, how much electro chemical charge to send your muscles to generate force and sequencing movement. Comes with practce once you have this down pat then you can safely tinker with the free wieghts without worrying about knocking yourself out on the incline duubbell press. It’s important to allow for ample recovery time and while being overzealous with your new lifestyle may be admirable to some. It can also lead to fatigue and or injury due to overtraining. So be patient and learn to listen to your body.

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