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Tips to manage storage with designed for your living area

Designed your storage to accommondate your living area

Tips to manage storage with designed for your living area

When your storage needs to change and you don’t wish your shelving, so you need these modular storage system that can help you easily reconfigure to the best suit of your evolving lifestyle demands.

Designed your storage Tips

Reverse Effect

Let’s start with reverse effect which can designed to accommodate your living are need. The reverse effect is fundamental by using wood shelf that can be customised with dividers, doors and cubbyholes. It’s can be multi functionlity to an array of storage needs. The being a stand alone bookshelf to a cabinet so you will be the one who calls the shots on how to configure this sophisticated structure.


Fuse to Fit

The fuse function can be dusion wall system which can be two shelf design that can be placed together to form an artistic backdrop for your items. You can also fulfilling your organisational needs from apply a varying shelf heights. Finished in matte ash grey lacquer can minimalist units grow into a cohesive system when you sit them side by side.


Full Function

With three modular elements form the core with have a chrome ball joint, flat panels that able to connecting tubs can make a free standing system that easily customisable for a diverse range of storage requirements. You can open shelves or closed compartment and it’s all up to you. You can also adapt bright color panels to make your room become wider and able to up the style of this utilitarian system.


Super Sleek

Super Sleek us a function that can fully maximise your space with the best profile system and you can also customise with a variety of components including shelves, hanging racks, canvas, and many more. It’s create clen cut look with the perfect for an open storage concept but you can also fit the panels and doors for create cabinets.


Splash of Color

These function is concern about color with each brightly module of the color speedy bookcase that consists of two interlocking squre pieces which allow you to expand the storage system with vertically or horizontally to create a feature wll for your treasured.


Effortlessly Easy

With best easily build triple coated chrom part can be easily assenbled with a notch and clip system instead of cumbersome tools that make your future adjustments less of a headache. You can also configure it into a bookcase or pantry or even TV bench. You can easy build trangle shaped shelves so you can make a full use of those awkward corners at your place.


Build Up

A build up function is the most possibilities that limitless with honeycomb shaped unit side by side for a statement shelf. You can piece them upwards to divide a space or create a feature wall display your items. You can also installation is side to be easy and the unite can doulbe as transport boxes for comfortable moving.


Orient Express

Orient Express is one of the most beautiful function which is the basic with unite from more less. You can adapting oriental design to modern living. The blocks able to expertly crafted from walnut wood with a hollowed middle to store your keepsakes. For a small squre modulaes can be partnered with larger rectangular shelves for an intriguing customised design.


High Stacks

High Stacks is a function that based on the generic dimensions of items that mostly people will store and display at home. The five modular elements of them inimalist chic stacked shelf system can be clipped tongether to form a storage structure. You can also use stack to store and display items or can create a design that striking just on its own.


Conquer the Clutter Tips

These tips will show you on how to sorting your items but getting organised is the key to cleaning up a messy space. Below you will see a few tips from professional organiser and storage planner and you will see that you can make the most of your storage space.


Divide a large space into small ones

You can using clutter at your place but it not only unsifhtly but it also leads to a disorganised living space. You can keep track of where everything is by the further. For compartmentalising storage containers such as a drawers for different items. You can also separate unite with make cleaning easier.


Slot Items instead of stacking them

You can use stack of clothes and the effor that can take to extract a shirt wedged in the middle and then compare the simply by pulling the shirt out from a partition divier. Not only save your space by slotting items but also becomes easier to retrieve.


Keep Flat Surfaces Neat

You can piles of items that often accumulate on flat surfaces such as the dining table with the study table and the kitchen countertop that can keep these spaces free from clutter by utilising compartment such as trays and letter stands as storage spaces.



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