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Tips to make your skin become wrinkle

Tips to make your skin become wrinkleTips to make your skin become wrinkle

Today we have some tips to make your skin become radiant and no wrinkle with a simple method that anyone can do it to make our beauty skin stay with use for a long time.

– We should not washing our face more than two times per day because washing frequently than 2 times per day can cause acne and make your natural oils on your face skin become damaged.

– Use sunscreen protection with PA++ before you go outside, approximately 15 minutes to make sunscreen go deep into your skin layer. If you have outdoor activity for a long period of time you should use sunscreen protection every 2 hours.

– Facial massage your face by placing both palms on the side of your nose and massage your skin to lift up to the temporal. After that press your palms down up to three times which can make your face become firm.

– Use whitening face serum regularly in order to reduce dart spots and keeps your skin become radiant which whitening face serum able to reduced dark circles.

– Cleaning your face by using toner before you go to bed in order to prevent premature aging.

– Eat more fish because fish have a rich protein vitamins that good for your skin such as omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 can help your skin become elastic and youthful skin plus reducing wrinkle.

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