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Tips to make your oven sparkle

Below you will see a few tips to make your oven become new and sparkle

Tips to make your oven sparkle

1. Loosen grease before you start cleaning by steaming it off. You have to place a heat proof and bowl of water in the oven. Preheated to a high temperature that able to leave in there for 30 minutes which time it should be much easier to clean

2. Clean hobs with a liquid solution of bicarbonate of soa which enamel hobs and able to handle a thick paste solution. It can remove with a warm water and buff dry with microfibre cloth. You can soak any gas burner rings and cast iron racks in warm water with added soda crystals and scrub with a scouring pad. You can also test in an inconspicuous area first.

3. There are some great shop that bought oven cleaners out there or you can find one with a bag included for soaking the racks. It can takes all of the hard work out of removing the burnt on grease. If you prefer not to use chemical cleaner you can try using bicarbonate of soad that can make thick paste with water then spread over the walls and floor of the oven not forgetting to clean the door and leave for a few hours or overnight if possible then in the morning you have to vrush out as much as you can then spray white vinegar onto the leftover paste. You have to fizz before removing with a sponge and warm water. Meanwhile protect your bath with a layer of old towels then soak the racks and pans in warm water with biological soap powder overnights.

4. It’s a good opportunity to think about when you last replaced the filter in your depending on how much you fry on the hob while charcoal filter. The ones that you will need for your hood vents back into your kitchen rather than ousdie which you should be replaced every six to 12 months again depending on usage and try to buy a filter with a saturation indicator so you can see when it needs changing in furture.



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