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Tips to make your home become a collection

Make your place become a great collection

Make your place become a great collection

No matter your home are big or small which you can create them. Below you will see a few tips on how to displace them in a right way.

Natural splendour collection: Create tranquil display in your bedroom by hanging beautiful botanical prints above your bed. You can forming a grand headboard effect. You can do like this in your bedroom which it will bring a nature indoor. All you need is an old frames of similar size and shape to create a uniform look. A collection of botanical print that you can paint on your own by tear them out of an old plant illustration book or find some online. You can use white paint and paintbrush.

The random assortment collection: You can turn your bare wall in your living room into a spectacular showcase by cleverly displaying your treasured items in a seemingly haphazard way on scaffolding planks which you can used a cheaper alternative to industrial style shelving. You can start sorting through all your thing to display such as clock, books, artwork, plants, ornaments, tins and many more but you have to group a similar items together beause it will impact than having them dotted around the room. For shelf life which you can install long shelves that no need to be fancy or expensive but you have to reclaimed scaffolding planks or wooden batons secured together and placed on simple brackets in the same colour as your wall are. You can put your ornaments on top of them for extra visual impact without the look becoming cluttered. You can positioned the vintage cameras side by side for little step back in time and then place a tall framed illustration behind then in order to add height. For hint you have to consider the scale colour and era of items and teaming those with opposing characteristics to enhance their unique qualities.

Natural Calls collection: You cvan be it bugs or trophy head if you are sure to find them on the wall. The insect collection from the shop can create vintage and simply mounted each one in an old printer’s tray. You can make the perfect present by using vintage toys, trophy heads and print then get items from shop.

Top glass collection: Using floral design compay which you can use to display your cut flowers that can tell a story. The best way to show off vintage glass veses in a window, where the sun’s ray will illuminate them beautifully and create an ethereal atmosphere. The DIY project can apply to these collection by getting the right height between shelves so that your favourite vases would fit. You can created the display in a window which you can also enjoy everyday. First of all you have to find a window in your home that does not open or that you never need to open. You have to measure the window that nothing depth and length necessary for each shelf and measure the distance between each shelf so that you know how many you will need. Get glass cut to fit the space that you have measured then ask the glass manufacturer for the correct thickness of glass for your specific size shelves. Last thing you have to buy and install brackets to support the shelves.

Make an entrance collection: Transformed a dark empty nook at yourplace and display with travel book, covetable collectible and quirky knick knacks. It is all about eclectic collection displayed on shelves with group the items according to height and size rather than shared qualities. The way that you can start with the tallest and largest items by distributing it across the shelves then you can fill in the gaps with the remaining pieces. You have to calculate the measure the tallest pieces in your collection and assess the depth of the space that you working with then calculate an appropriate and equal height ratio for each shelf that will divide the space equally and in proportion.

Reflextion Collection: The enclosed able to given an air of royalty with ornate golden framed mirrors. The passion for pieces with character of some mirrors have imperfections and show signs of wear and tear but they really give to your stoep. If there’s an existing hook in the wall then that’s where it will be hung with simple as that. Mirrors can cost a pretty penny these days.

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