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Tips to make White Effect for your home

Below you will see a few tip to paint window frames white

Tips to make White Effect for your home

Painting window frames with white colours can makes a huge different to the look and feel of your home. Below you will see a few step to make it possible.


Step1: If possible you have to remove the window handles, you will need to refit these when you have finished painting but now’s the ideal time to give them a good clean.

Step2: Sand all the wooden frames in order to remove the build up of varnish.

Step3: Wipe the frames down with a damp cloth in order to get rid of dust.

Step4: You have to remove any oils on the frames, wipe them down with mineral turpentine.

Step5: Allow everything to dry completely.

Step6: Paint the your window frames with a single coat of oil based universal undercoat.

Step7: Allow all your paint to dry then sand lightly on it with fine sandpaper and then paint in white. You can use water based plascon double velvet.

Step8: After you do all the step then allow each coat to dry throughtly before applying another layer with 2 or 3 coats will do the trick.

Step9: For additional smooth finish you can lightly sand between each coat.

Step10: Finally, refit the handles.


These is another tips for White Effect by innovative couple show on how you can transformed your dark and dingy house into a bright and spacious home with a few basic structural changes and lots of white paint.





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