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Tips to make mixed feelings at your home

Tips to design mixed feelings in your house
Tips to make mixed feelings at your home
Home able to cues on how to put together a mash up of style without it dscending into design chaos

Opposite by using vintage style lamps above the kitchen island able to add color to the scene. The kitchen is a conglomeration of styles with its marble island, barn style doors and shabby chic reclaimed cabinet. Using side open spaces concept which concern on dining , living and kitchen areas as one open concept space can giving visitors the impression of a loft like interior. This was accentuated by removing most of the false ceiling in you living room are by leaving a border to conceal the air condition unit projection screen and electrical wiring. You can also painintg part of the border black which adds depth to your ceiling.

Using Mix of Styles

In order to have mix of styles at your home you must having open plan space with a simple color like black and wood palette that can give your a freedom to play around with color and different looks also at your home. There is no style direction but it just a mix of your favourite things so don’t stay in the box only you should go outside the box.

For the kitchen is a zone off from the living and dining room which you can add style with black and white color with chequered floor. On the life of the kitchen island you can add green color which able to reclaimed wood cabinet from shop that store cookbooks and other tomes. On the right of your kitchen Island you can also adding bright and red color like door conceals. The pair of doors can be the same shade of red lead the way to the living room.

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