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Tips to Increase Testosterone Naturally Part 2

Below you will see a few tips to increase Testosterone Naturally (PART2)



The higher your stress level the more testosterone level are suppressed and the bad news is the body can not differentiate between types of stress. Stress from bills is the same as stress from the missus and the same as stress from training. If it all compounds excessively it will weight down on your test levels over time. Mainly because stress increase cortisol level and an increase in cortisol is associated with a decress in testosterone levels to manage this you must implement some stress management techniques such as meditation, swimming, stretching, weight training, yoga and so on.


Get into some kind of combat sport by take up boxing or wrestling. Feel what it feels like to compete with another human being for physical supremacy. Get off your arse stop sitting on the couch watching repetitive shows on TV.

Eat Well

A low calorie diet is not going to do any good for your metabolism or your testosterone level. So many people seem to be misguided when it comes to nutrition and diet these days. That it deserves another artical by itself. Low calorie diets are not the answer and if you are eating like the animal a caveman would hunt down and kill with his bare hands then you have set yourself up to be the victim. A low testosterone, bottom of the food chain, victim. Sure it will be mindful of your food intake and most importantly macronutrient and calorie intake.

Supplement Your Diet

There are some supplement and vitamins that can help in testosterone production. Some have solid evidence, other more anecdotal. But even then there is that chance that it does work and does not hurt to try. They are magnesium, zinc, fish oil, tribulus and vitamin D. Zinc is definitely a well established one. Oysters are high in zince and most people are deficient in it. You can find out which ones that you are deficient in through a blood test and supplement those. So have a look through the list and start to implement some of the point and track hopw you feel. Ideally get a blood test prior to starting and then retest in 6 up to 12 weeks. Thinks like a cavemand and start to ack like one a little more. It will go a long way. Move, eat, sleep and stop stressing so much about everything.

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