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Tips to Increase Testosterone Naturally Part 1

Below you will see a few tips to increase Testosterone Naturally (PART1)


Get Some Shut Eye

In crease Testosterone by sleep because sleep is the first one th list for a reason. You have to try to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep in the cool, dark room every night. By getting sleep before midnight every night and avoid drinking too much water or liquids before bed. Take natural herbal remedies to help you sleep if you need to, Minimum is six hours of sleep by eight hours is optimal.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol consumption interrupts everything that’s good for testosterone production. Even a little bit of it. Consumption of alcohol every now and then is not going to be so bad but regular trips down to the local after work to knock back a few cschooners is also not so good for going to do you any good. The safest option is no alcohol but if you are going to do it stick to clear spirits preferable or red wine. Beer is often said to be the worst.

Lift Heavy

Hit the weight room and always try to get stronger build more muscle and sprint. Try to get stronger and become more athletic in every aspect so that your blood profile will more closely reflect that of a top notch athlete. Hit the gym by doing steering clear from the cardio section and pick up something heavy put it back down, wash, rinse and repeat day in an day out until you see something happening to your body. Train to build muscle, train to be strong and sprint regularly.  Exercises that stimulate larger muscle group have been associated with increasing testosterone levels so train compound lifts and stop curling inside the power rack and do some squats, bench, press, deadlifts and standing press.

Go Coconut

Eat fats but with good fats are awesome for building natural testosterone. Things like macadamias, coconut oil, almonds, avocado, fish oil and so on. Yes, animal fats too like saturated animal fats. The presence of saturated fats in the body is extremely important in helping the production of testosterone.



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