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Tips to design a new look of your space

Below you will see a great tips to desing your space
Tips to design a new look of your space

It can be difficult to see the bigger picture when your decorating your place but if you start with a basic plan and build on step by step you will create your dream space in no time.

Designing a whole new look or reinventing a space at your place can feel a bit overwhelming at first. Below you will see a step by step to do that.

1. Work with your room as a blank canvas with neutral and basics that complement architectural detail.

2. Invest in a structured sofa that is not only comfortable and suited your family’s need but will also complement various decor additions. You have to bear in your mind that dark colours are more durable and consider slipcover options to increase the longevity and maintain the appearance of the piece.

3. Instead of giving for a big and bold additional pieces from the outset option for multifunctional furniture that can be easily moved around in the space or even to different parts of your house when necessary.

Below you will see a step that mention from above:

Step1: Working from the foundation of neutral palette that experiment with colour and patterns and mix & match to find your style. You can explore your wardrobe to rediscover colour and patterns that appeal to your and then introduce the element in your living area. It’s a good idea to live with a various look unite you have decided on an aesthetic that suit you then you are ready to build on the basic that most importantly fun. You can build on the basics with rugs, cushion, lamp, shades and wall art to establish your personality in your room.

Step2: After you have covered the basic that you can utilise the structural elements in the room to draw attention to beautiful details then look at architraves window detail and nooks that can be highlighted and used to make the space more fun or functional after painting the rest of the room in a soft classic grey. The white architraves and bay window stand out beautifully that creating a stylish and sophisticated look that complemented perfectly by the neutral furniture pieces. Now you can add a pop of colour and personalised accents to bring a fun finish to the space. You can build on the look with a larger rug, a solid coffee table, bold scatter cushions and a classic gold upholstered chair. You can also took advantage of the bay window area and created a cosy reading nook.

Step3: The basic remain the solid foundation of your room which it have a smaller multifunctional items that can now be introducted and moved around and used in different ways to create a comfortable living space. For attractive occasional chairs that can offer a balanced seating arrangement opposite the couch. For the nest table work well as side table alongside. Rattan furniture or rustica furniture is a ideal if you want to build on a look as it can also be used on a patio in a kitchen or as extra seating in your bedroom. The nook for bay window can also be reinvented as a work space or reading corner with a lovely view over the garden. For classic and intricate artworks that can create showroom appeal and stand out beautifully against the elegant grey walls. You can build on the look with dramatic artworks such as rugs layered on the floor for texture and warmth.

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