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Tips to deal with Stress with your Breathe

Below you will see a great tips on how to deal with your stress

When you are overloaded with stress which you can tend to breathe in a shallow way with not fully emptying your lungs but just creates more tension in your body. By doing this you can lengthening your exhale and able to stimulate your body’s ability to relax and release stress. You can also put your hand on your upper chese. Take a breath then exhale with the feeling and sound of sigh of relief. Notice how your chest softens downward under your hand as air flows out. Do like this a couple of more times and tink about your lungs. Releasing toxins and stale air by creating more space for fresh air. Then inhale and on the exhale whisper. For the length of the exhale which these will help carry air out of your body. Feel the air with emptying out. Let each inhale come naturally whenever it arrives allowing your abdomen to soften each time. Repeat until you feel your whole body softening.

You may notice your breath emptying more completely without any force. You can enjoy this following each breath all the way to the end and as it comes in effortlessly. Then let your hand rest in your lap and your body and mind rest in the nourishing space you just created.

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