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Tips to created a festive welcome

How to create a festive welcome at your home?

Decorating for festival

Below you will see a few tips in order to create a festive welcome for special holiday

If you needed a lot of work due to the poor layout and dated decor you must know that there would be forever home and wantd it to fit your need. Your place may have a space that you can grow into as family. All the builing work can be carried out in one go which, although chaotic.

Brand New Layout

You can change your layout by get rid of the cloakroom just off the existing hallway and took down the diving wall. These can made the new hallway about a metre wider. You can start decorating your place with a wide plank oak flooring which it can give you a warm tones and the matt finish which contmeporary feel. You can also kept the walls and ceiling with white colour in order to make sure the space felt light and airy. The space fells like a room in itself due to its size so you can decided that sideboard would give a homely look and provide lots of storage.



Festive Additional

Decorating for festival time is great and fun and if you have children, they will really excited about it. You can move a chair that normally sits next to the sideboard in order to make some space. For the recommended style is scandi style with red and white decoration which can plus touches of green. The complement the grey furniture and white wall is perfectly.


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