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Tips to create your own compost bin and start recycling food waste

Below you will see a few tips to create your compost bin in order to start recycling food waste.

Tips to create your own compost bin and start recycling food waste

Composting is a way that able to break down food scrap waste and turn it into something that useful for your house. Anyone can do this by start making compost even in a small space. If you are worry about pests smells or a complicated process you do not have to worry about it because these post will show you step by step and useful method to composting and maintenance which you won’t even know it’s there.

It’s take only 5 minutes a week for 12 weeks in order to create mineral and nutrient rich compost to feed your plants with. After you seal the lid of your bin natural will do it all for you.

All you need is a bin, small pole and organic material. For bin you have to find a plastic bin with a lid that can be small garbage bin oreven a rectangular storage bin. The maller it is the longer it will take to break down your compost. For a small pole you will need something to stir your compost with a broom handle. For organic material you have a good compost is made of brown and green components plus enhancers.


Method to build your compost bin

Start collection the brown and green material ahead of time. Throughout the week you can store food scraps in the fridge in a plastic bag or container. After you have collected it enough then fill your small bin which you can start the process. Below you will see clear step by step to start these method by yourself.

Step1: Drill Holes around your bin for ventilation. Making air flow is very important in these step in order to make healthy compost.

Step2: After you drill a holes then alternating between brown and green layer that fill your bin halfway. The green layer should be twice as thick as the bown layer.

Step3: After you filled up to the middle of your container then sprinkle in your enhancers and add a good amount of water like you watering a plant.

Step4: Fill the remainder of the bin alternating between wet and dry layer then give it another splash of water.

Step5: Seal the lid carefully and do not let the air go in.

Step6: After you seal the lid, you have to check on your compost and troubleshoot once a week if it look wet or mould is growing which you should add in more green material and give it a food stir. If it looks find then seal the lid for another week after 12 week of repeating process. You composter will be ready to use which it should look like dark soil and smell of clean earth.

How to Compost?

Compost is acts as a superfood for your garden. The nutrient rich soil can be used as fertiliser for all of your plants.

  • You can use compost by apply a 5cm thick layer over the soil and aroun the plant stems. These will enrich the soil and feed the micro organisms that keep the plant healthy, as well as protect it from pests. Replenish the nutrients of the soil for potted plants by removing the top 5 cm of soil and replacing it with compost.
  • Make compost soil when potting a new plant and mix two pearts of potting soil to one part of compost.

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